Friday, January 27, 2012

Graze and you could get one for free

 I got my fourth box today! You can get one too from . And you can get your 1st one for free using this code: 9QKFB3C
Or just go directley to this link :   
Today I got himalayas and beyond, Scumtious blueberry swirl, sticky lemon dippy and honeycomb flapjack. Your first is free but then it costs £3.79 but you can cancel at anytime! It is done to what you say you like aswell. I reccomend it :)

My auograph collection

Hi, so i have been collecting autographs since Apil 2011 and this is my collection:
Most are from eastenders except from twist and pulse and Katherine Kelly from Coronation street as I have only just started collecting autographs from corrie.
This week I got Polly Perkins (Rose Cotton, Eastenders) and Paula Lane (Kylie Plait) Polly's was dedicated to me and she kindly put a note on the back.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hi! This is my new blog and I will be sharing loads of cool stuff with you from autographs to penpalling to just every day life.
Above is a birthday card I got from lacey turner Yay! And Below one from Barbara winsor. Some people say I'm sad but they're just jealous they don't have an autograph from peggy mitchell haha :)